A dynamic Earth Moving Company

Since commencing trading in the South West of Western Australia in December 2005, Leeuwin Civil has experienced rapid growth.

This dynamic growth can be attributed to a blend of experience, commitment to our customers and knowledge of the area.

A comprehensive fleet of over 20 earthmoving machines is supplemented by carefully selected sub contractor resources whenever required.

Leeuwin Civil is a hands-on company with all four directors taking on roles as Supervisors in their specialist areas. Although a relatively young company this team of directors each have over a decades experience in their chosen fields and one of the company’s greatest strengths lies in the versatile, complementary skills held by the directors, enabling works to be completed to the highest quality on time and to budget.

Leeuwin Civil has very strong connections with its local community. Consequently great pride is taken in delivering a combination of quality works within budget. For more details about past works view our projects.