plant and equipment
plant and equipment
plant and equipment

An extensive range of resources

Leeuwin Civil has an extensive range of modern, well maintained machines available including:


  • 1 x 623E Caterpillar Scraper
  • 1 x 623F Caterpillar Scraper
  • 2 x 621B Caterpillar Scraper


  • 1 x 325C Caterpillar Excavator
  • 1 x 322C Caterpillar Excavator


  • 1 x L9000 Louisville 6 Wheeler Truck
  • 1 x L8000 Louisville 6 Wheeler Truck
  • 2 x D400E Caterpillar Dump Truck
  • 2 x Volvo Prime Movers
  • Tri-Axle low loader float
  • Quad-Axle Spreader Float


  • 1 x Caterpillar Bobcat


  • 1 x 12H Caterpillar Grader
  • 1 x 130G Caterpillar Grader
  • 1 x 120G Caterpillar Grader


  • 1 x 938G Caterpillar Loader
  • 1 x 966C Caterpillar Loader


  • 1 x D8N Caterpillar Dozer


  • 1 x CS-563E Caterpillar Roller
  • 1 x CS-433E Caterpillar Roller
  • 2 x Multi Roller

Also available are several attachments, including water tanks for trucks, rakes for loaders and Dozer, grab and rock-breaker for Excavator.

Contingency Plan

Leeuwin Civil has strategic alliances with reliable suppliers of machinery and personnel should the need arise. With a team of full time diesel mechanics always available there are few issues that can’t be quickly resolved.